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7th May 2013 Grosvenor House Hotel Park Lane, London

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Goallover is more than just the owner of LOLA, the UK’s market leading data trading logistics software. Our mission is to set the Global Industry Standard for internet-purchased prospects.

We imagine the entire elimination of waste associated with the purchasing and processing of leads which do not conform to known and valued client specifications.

We enable prospect data capture, reputation risk management, data security compliance, management of repeat frequency enquiries, scoring, prioritisation, reformatting, lead value estimation, decisions to service, post-processing performance management, lead valuation and optimisation.

We adhere to core principles which instil reliability, accountability, consistency, transparency and an ethical culture in all our business relationships.

We prioritise obsessively towards client effectiveness and efficiency. Output quality is our primary obsession. Once quality is assured, we save our clients’ time, trouble and money.

We are proud to count world leading brands and agencies amongst our clientele. For more information, email

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  • 07.05.13 The Performance Marketing Awards Ceremony

What's being said?

“The Performance Marketing Awards provide the perfect opportunity for everyone who makes the industry as strong as it is, a time to reflect and celebrate the amazing work and innovation that we've all done! We're great as companies but even stronger together and the Performance Marketing Awards highlight that.”

Aaron Weissman, Marketing Director — Skimlinks

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Performance Marketing Awards Host Revealed....

Ahead of next month’s glittering Performance Marketing Awards (PMA) in London, the leading industry event’s host has been revealed as British stand-up comedian Josh Widdicombe.

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