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Yieldify believe that marketers want to convert visitors, easily.

Built for speed and agility, Yieldify’s predictive marketing technology and fully managed service work together in complete synergy to provide front line strategies to help marketers convert their most valuable shoppers. The unique technology reacts to customers’ on-site behaviour triggering a personalised campaign to reduce abandonment and increase conversions. The campaigns are generated to match a customer’s specific behaviour, not just their assigned segmentation.

Yieldify is used by over 1000 brands worldwide to increase conversions (minus the complexity). Founded by brothers Jay and Meelan Radia in June 2013, Yieldify drives incremental revenue for the some of world’s most innovative brands including Marks and Spencers, French Connection, Steiner Sports and Monarch.

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  • 21.10.15 Entries open
  • 25.11.15 Voting open
  • 29.01.16 Entries are closed
  • 01.03.16 Shortlist unveiled
  • 08.04.16 Voting closed
  • 26.04.16 The Performance Marketing Awards Ceremony

Industry testimonial

“This is a real chance to get recognition, not only in front of your peers but obviously in front of your clients or potential clients, and ultimately just having this as a benchmark and a way to celebrate just the quality things that actually go on within the UK performance industry for me is just a huge check box.”

Jon Myers, Consultant