Your Options for Attending and Viewing the Ceremony

With in-person events just out of scope for this year’s PMAs, we’re bringing you the next best thing. The ceremony may be virtual but it will be presented live and in the most interactive way possible!

Our virtual event platform enables in-person video networking and interactive engagement with other guests, allowing you to have meaningful conversations and drive value from your attendance.

We’ll have cocktail kits by Quarantini Bar delivered straight to your door ready for a pre-ceremony networking reception, category sponsors can have their very own gold envelope moment and announce the winner LIVE on stage, or you catch up with peers at ‘The Performance Inn’; it’ll be just like being there!


How it Works

The platform offers two modes; Presentation Mode and Networking Mode.

Presentation Mode

During the ceremony itself our event host will be presenting live on stage; announcing category shortlists and bringing event category sponsors up on screen to present their awards to our worthy winners. Guests can use the chat function to interact with the host and other guests, as well as taking part in Q&A’s and polls.

Networking Mode

Networking Mode sees you at your table with your guests. This is your private video call of up to eight guests. Move around the event floor by clicking on other tables or head to one of our two bars or dance floor and see who else is there!

We’ll have an hour-long networking session with cocktail-making (and drinking!) before the ceremony kicks off, followed by another opportunity to network at the halfway mark and there’s even an after party where you can continue into the evening.

Upload your virtual business card with your photo, LinkedIn and contact details to really maximise networking.

Book Your Table Today

To get in amongst the action and really make the most of the evening, we recommend taking a table of eight; which are included in our Bronze, Silver and Gold sponsorship packages.

This gives you full access from 4pm for the three networking sessions; cocktail making, (*Bronze sponsorship for a small additional fee), the interval and the after party – as well as the ceremony presentation itself of course.

If networking isn’t your thing, you’ll be able to view only the ceremony via a YouTube link which will be shared with newsletter subscribers before the event. But be warned, FOMO is real – so don’t miss out!

Drew Cameron

Sales Director

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