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Jeremy Waite

Head of Digital Strategy
Salesforce Exacttarget MarketingCloud EMEA
Jeremy Waite
About Jeremy Waite

Jeremy is passionate about digital marketing, social media, cycling, whiskey and collecting vintage business books. You can chat to him on Twitter @JeremyWaite where you can ask if he really used to be a giraffe keeper and why he loves Dale Carnegie so much...


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Dates for your calendar

  • 06.02.15 Entries are closed
  • 03.03.15 Shortlist unveiled
  • 12.04.15 Voting is closed
  • 28.04.15 The Performance Marketing Awards Ceremony

Industry testimonial

“This is a real chance to get recognition, not only in front of your peers but obviously in front of your clients or potential clients, and ultimately just having this as a benchmark and a way to celebrate just the quality things that actually go on within the UK performance industry for me is just a huge check box.”

John Myers, Commercial Director EMEA, – Marin Software