Judging Process

The Judging Process

For each of the categories, there is a unique template which sets out the requirements for that entry. If you vary from the judging criteria, you will be penalised. Designing your own template is permitted, but these must comply with the same format as the template in the entry kit.

Our carefully selected judges will then review each entry against the strict criteria. Criteria may vary between different categories and this will be included on each entry form. Individual scores will be collated and discussed as a group and moderated by our content team at the Judging Day, which is set to take place in London.

After much debate, a winner and highly commended will be chosen. Though not every category will award a highly commended, some categories may see multiple commendations based upon their achievements.

Avoid Penalties

  • Each entry must not exceed 3 pages unless otherwise stated in the template
  • The font sizing must be no smaller than 10px
  • You may design your own template, however please use the required guidelines in the entry kit
  • Ensure you provide clear evidence of commercial success and ROI

If we feel an alternative category is more suitable, we reserve the right to reallocate your entry.

Commercial Confidence

To ensure that your entry form does not have points deducted, please ensure that all entry forms are completed in their entirety. This also applies to ensuring your entry includes clear evidence of any commercial success and ROI. The more information you provide, will allow the judges to score you accordingly.

All information you provide will only be looked upon by the judges of your entered category, and they are made to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. However, in the event you win an award, some information might be shared from your entry to be featured in our Book of the Night summary of this year’s awards.

If you possess any commercially sensitive information which you would prefer to remain confidential, please indicate this section as for judges eyes only.

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