Core Values

The Core Values of the Performance Marketing Awards.

Since its inception in 2007 the Performance Marketing Awards mission was to reward creativity, innovation and excellence.

We’re expanding upon that in 2024 as we seek to uphold the integrity, effectiveness and fairness of the partner and performance marketing industry. Shining a light on campaigns and companies who demonstrate in their entries:

Trend setting:
Show us a playbook that others will follow

Smart execution:
Show us strategy injected to life

Industry re-defining:
Show us activity that redefines performance marketing

Show us effective collaboration and teams in action

Show us an outcome that’s fair for all

Show us something… we’ve not seen before

For 2024, you’ll see five new categories:

  • Best Full Funnel Strategy
  • Best Experimental Campaign
  • Best Use of Dynamic Commissioning
  • Best Use of AI in Performance Marketing
  • Performance Marketing Fair Play Award

Launching with the Industry Fair Play Award

Performance Marketing centres around profitable campaigns and partnerships that strike a balance between efficiency, growth and fairness.

This year, we want to specifically reward a company that has the integrity of the industry at heart with a balance of fair play between brands and publishers.

This new award can be entered by all stakeholders wishing to showcase initiatives, technology or practices that assist with the development, integrity and fairness of the industry.

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