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Cedric Chambaz

Bing Ads Marketing Director
Cedric Chambaz
About Cedric Chambaz

Tasked with promoting Microsoft’s search marketing platform – Bing Ads – around the world, Cedric works closely with advertisers, from Blue Chip brands to small businesses, to help them develop effective online strategies which can boost their visibility with PPC, provide more targeted communication and deliver higher ROI.

With nearly 15 years of digital marketing experience to talk about, Cedric is a regular speaker at international industry events, and he lectures at European graduate business schools to help nurture the next generation of digital savvy business leaders.

He joined Microsoft in 2008 after spending 7 years at advertising agencies in Singapore, Paris and London. He holds a Master from ICN Graduate Business School and specialised in Consumer Behaviour and Managing Innovation at McGill University in Canada.


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Industry testimonial

“This is a real chance to get recognition, not only in front of your peers but obviously in front of your clients or potential clients, and ultimately just having this as a benchmark and a way to celebrate just the quality things that actually go on within the UK performance industry for me is just a huge check box.”

Jon Myers, Consultant